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The Lion of Judah is on the Move, Scene 2

By August 20, 2020No Comments

Three weeks ago, I was at a church in Castlerock, Colorado, for a gathering of a couple hundred pastors and intercessors. As I was walking and praying in the back of the sanctuary, God spoke in an almost audible voice, “The Lion of Judah cometh. Be prepared!” It was so obviously God, that I dropped down to my knees and worshipped.


When the Lord describes Himself as the “Lion of Judah,” it certainly gets one’s attention. I’m so glad Jesus doesn’t self-identify as the “Kitten of Benjamin,” or something. The Lion of Judah is dangerous, menacing, and yet loving.

The Lion of Judah has my attention! This past Monday, August 17th, 20 pastors came together and prayed for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the city of Colorado Springs. We drove to and gathered together at four different locations, in the North, South, East, and West, and cried out to God for His grace to pour out upon our city. We buried a Bible and drove a stake in the ground at each location. The stake had 2 Chronicles 7:14, emblazoned upon it. The prophetic word that was spoken by so many was “unity.” I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 27 years, and I sense like never before, that there are pastors and churches in the city that truly want to unify around a Kingdom of God Revolution! We are putting our own agendas to the side, taking time to pray together, and regularly praying for each other during our worship services.

A Rude Awakening

God often needs to bring a rude awakening before He can bring a great awakening. I feel that the pandemic is waking up the True Church to a new passion for the Real Jesus (more on this next week). My wife, Liz, said an interesting thing the other night, “It seems like God has brought a sickness, to heal the church.” God is using Covid19 to bring health to the church! Churches all across the United States are waking up to a new heart for prayer, for revival, and for bold proclamation of the Gospel, because of the pandemic. The overreach of the government in shutting down churches is actually being used to open up bold, aggressive churches with a new passion for outreach to the lost.

As some churches stay closed, in fear of someone getting sick in their congregation, others are opening up with a courage and boldness that was not evident just six months ago. Pastors are making the bold decision to defy the mayors and governors in their states, and faith is building in the True Church. The Lion of Judah cometh to the local church! What a novel thought.

Not unlike the Early Church, worship of the True Jesus will sometimes bring confrontation with government authorities, even in America. Check out Acts 4, and take note of how they prayed. Such boldness is coming to a neighborhood near you.

For more information (pros and cons) on some of these bold churches check out:

Excited to be following the Lion of Judah,

Pastor Steve

Steve Holt M.A., D.D.