The Cross: When Love and Justice Kissed

By April 17, 2019Cross, Justice, Love

The Cross is the most important event in human history! The Cross is the most miraculous happening the world has ever known. It was at the Cross that everything in all of human endeavors changed. It was at Calvary, that the love and justice of God, kissed.

The Cross, the death of Christ, is the supreme revelation of the love of God. Nothing in all of the world can compare. It was the love of God, through the death of Christ, that opened up a new intimacy between us and God. For all of the New Testament writers, the most ignominious, cruel, inhuman of executions, the Roman crucifixion, has become the place where God supremely displayed his love. God was reconciling us to Himself.

Simultaneously, we must also acknowledge that the wrath of God needed to be appeased because of our sin. The justice of God required that God find a way for the penalty of our selfish, sinful attitudes of the heart, to be paid for once and for all. At the Cross, without denying His righteousness, in conditions fully ethical, God put all of our sin and rebellion upon His Son.

At the Cross, the love and justice of God kissed. The most affectionate kiss ever given. In the midst of all the agony and blood, the love of Christ, combined with the justice of God, gave all of us new life. That’s not just a Good Friday, it’s the best Friday in all of history!

Thankful for the kiss,


Steve Holt M.A., D.D.

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