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By September 24, 2015Christianity

Wholehearted living is the present. It is now living. Wholehearted is not primarily a futuristic hope but a down to earth now. Practicing the presence of God in the power of the Holy Spirit is in the context of today. Our form of Christianity has made a grave mistake by overemphasizing the future, heaven, and underemphasizing the present, now. After all, the abundant life of Christ was for our present condition.

Eternal life begins the moment we give our heart to Christ. We receive a new heart and a new life. We receive Jesus at the moment of faith. It all begins now. Eternity begins at that moment.

We now have relationships that are forming in the Presence. The Presence is now present. The life of the Wholehearted loves God, oneself, and others with the Presence all around us.

Richard Rohr writes, Transformative faith is always much more about the now than the future. How you do anything is how you do everything. How you do relationship is how you do relationship: with your job, your family, animals, nature, the present moment and God. As other teachers have said, ‘if you are here now, you will be there then.’ If you can be present to love and live now, you are ready for heaven. If you do not know how to be present, how would you possibly be ready for the Real Presence. (Wild Man to Wise Man, p. 105)

Be wholehearted today, it’s the best preparation for heaven. Give, love, and even go to battle for your whole heart today. Eternity is now. Let’s live it with free hearts.

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