An Unprecedented Week

By July 1, 2015Christianity

What a week I had. On Friday the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to legalize same sex marriage in every state in the union. The Supreme Court decision invalidated the marriage laws of more than half of the states, ruled against cultural precedent since the beginning of civilization, and went against the laws and teachings of every major religion in the world. Five people made this decision. An unprecedented decision. Five men and women who are “unaccountable and unelected judges.” (words of Chief Justice Roberts) Five judges, who have no pedigree or experience except that they are interpreters of the U.S. Constitution. Or are they even that? Is this a decision based on the Constitution?

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts stressed his view that the court’s 5-4 ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide lacked a constitutional basis, writing one of the court’s four dissents Friday.

“The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent,” Roberts writes in his dissent. “Just who do we think we are?”

Writing that he has “no choice but to dissent,” Roberts made it clear that his decision was based in the “restrained conception of the judicial role,” rather than a personal view of the definition of marriage. As he writes:

“Understand well what this dissent is about: It is not about whether, in my judgment, the institution of marriage should be changed to include same-sex couples. It is instead about whether, in our democratic republic, that decision should rest with the people acting through their elected representatives, or with five lawyers who happen to hold commissions authorizing them to resolve legal disputes according to law. The Constitution leaves no doubt about the answer.”

Not only is the Constitution clear on the matter, Roberts argues, but also “This Court’s precedents have repeatedly described marriage in ways that are consistent only with its traditional meaning.”

Additionally, Roberts invokes the founders of the U.S., writing, “Those who founded our country would not recognize the majority’s conception of the judicial role … They would never have imagined yielding that right on a question of social policy to unaccountable and unelected judges.”

The decision of the high court came on Friday. On Saturday, my son Daniel was married in a God honoring, Jesus blessed, Spirit empowered, Word saturated marriage ceremony. We celebrated that God is the creator of marriage and where He is honored and glorified He shows up in love and power. We worshipped, we danced, we laughed, and some of us even cried. Jesus was there.

Was Jesus in the Supreme Court building as these 9 judges made their decision? I think He was. Was He honored and glorified? I think He was not. Will there be ramifications from this decision? Satan and God only know.

A demonic Pandora’s box has been opened and the assault on everything we believe in has begun at a whole new level. Dr. James Dobson calls this decision the end of western civilization, as we have known it. I think he’s right.

But on Saturday night, all was calm and peaceful. I could feel and see the beauty of God’s glory through a man and a woman who had stayed true to their convictions and love for Jesus. They will truly need the Lord, each other, and His Word in the days ahead. Everything is changing and yet some things never change.

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