The fiasco and melodrama that has characterized the 2016 presidential primaries and upcoming election has been stupendous. One who enjoys the political battle of vision and will in the debates and the observing of the vacillating opinion of the American people, this particular election has been unique.

I have wavered in my viewpoint of both candidates throughout the campaign. From laughter to disdain, my yo-yo estimation of Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton has been conflicted throughout. Am I voting for a party? Am I voting for character? Am I voting for temperament? Am I voting for honesty? Am I voting for a vision? What vision? Whose vision? Yes, no, sort of, maybe.

But after much prayer, fasting, and a 24 Hour War Room at our church, I’ve settled the questions of my heart. My reason for voting is contained in this short sermon I gave last weekend at The Road, entitled “National Emergency and Spiritual Urgency.”

On the road,
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