Make Jesus Great Again! My Response to the 2016 Election

By November 15, 2016Christianity

All of the major networks, media outlets, political experts, and historians are calling this 2016 election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States “the most shocking upset American politics has ever seen.” People were animated, frustrated, prayed up, went out and voted their heart—the evangelical vote was huge! Christianity Today reports four in five white evangelical Protestants voted for Trump on Tuesday “at their highest margin since 2004.”

According to Pew Research, “75 percent of white evangelical Protestants believe that having an abortion is morally wrong. So it makes sense that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s extreme pro-abortion position did not sit well with this large block of voters.”

God changed his mind about America! I believe that for the first time in thirty years, during an election, the church prayed in a united, faith-filled, believing way! Hundreds of thousands of Jesus disciples sought God, cried out for America, and God changed his mind about judgment.

So, what does all this mean?

I awoke on the morning after the stunning victory with these words from God in my heart: “Church, make Jesus great again!” Trump’s mantra was “Make America Great Again.” God is saying to us “Make Jesus Great Again!”

Here’s what I believe: if we make Jesus great, He will make America Great!!

God is giving America another chance. The coming of the Lord is for America, once again, to be used mightily in reaching the nations of the world with the love and power of Christ. We are called to be, once again, the most powerful missionary force the world has ever known. This includes our own cities in America. It means that God is calling each of us to roll up our sleeves, bend our knees, and make Jesus great in our lives, cities, and around the world!

I believe we have been granted a window of opportunity in America to do great things, to accomplish great works of the kingdom. I see three ways God is calling us to be wholehearted disciples:

1. Pray! Pray for revival and awakening. Pray for President Trump. Pray for him and his team to have wisdom in their leadership appointments.

2. Proclaim! BE Jesus disciples by loving and kindly healing the brokenhearted, setting the captives free and sharing our faith with others not just through our words but by our deeds.

3. Remember the Poor! Never forget those everyone else forgets about. Love the poor, feed the poor, paint their houses, become a tutor, ask God to show you. Get down into our cities and find ways to show God’s love.

Make Jesus Great!
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