Start the Year Courageously Scared

Recently, the Holt family watched, Darkest Hour, a movie release on the early days of Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister of England during the Nazi rape of Europe. It takes place as France has fallen to Hitler and Germany is preparing to attack Great Britain. It gives the viewer a look into the mind of the “Last Lion,” (as William Manchester described Churchill), a man who knew how to courageously live scared.

I’ve studied Churchill for many years, and if there’s one dominant theme of his life, it would be courageous fear. Whenever you study men and women who have made some kind of impact, you discover that they live their lives with fear knocking at the door.

I struggle with bouts of fear every time God calls me to do something I’ve never done before. I’ve got a few never-been-done-before fears about the coming year.

I hope God’s calling you to walk courageously scared this year! If not, you may have a very boring year.

Courageously scared,