Dreams, Visions and the Voice of God

By February 3, 2017Christianity

I’m a Word guy! I love the Scriptures. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday when I study for my sermon. Study and meditation on the promises of God are the most important things I do as a disciple of Jesus. I most often hear God’s voice through the Bible.

I’m also a Spirit guy. I’ve learned that the Holy Spirit often speaks to us through internal impressions, visions and dreams. The times in Scripture where God leads His people through such means are legion. In the Old Testament God led Abraham, Moses, Joseph, and his prophets this way. In the New Testament Paul and Barnabas were led through such impressions, visions, and dreams in their missionary journeys. Throughout history some of the great Hall of Fame spiritual leaders like William Carey, J. Hudson Taylor, D.L. Moody, Billy Graham, and Bill Bright give accounts of God speaking to them in such ways.

Evangelicals don’t talk much about such encounters with God. I’m a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and I never heard a professor talk about such things. Can you imagine a seminary course entitled, “How God Speaks through Inner Impressions, Visions, and Dreams?” Our Western worldview doesn’t put too much stock in such subjective, mystical, squishy ideas.

But God still leads His disciples through visions and dreams. God still guides us with inner impressions; might we call it that “holy hunch” about something. I’ve been a missionary and church leader for over thirty years and God has led me dozens of times through inner hunches, visions, and dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, not every impression, vision or dream is from God. They must always be tested and vetted with Scripture. As a matter of fact, such extra-biblical leadings of God are accelerated through intimacy with God mediated through spending time in His Word.

Just this week, Liz and I have had dreams and impressions from the Lord that have led us to pray for the fire of God to come upon the pastors of Japan, for a great awakening at Denver University, and for revival in Colorado Springs.

Are you open to God meeting with you even when you’re asleep? Are you listening for God’s voice through the inner hunches of the Holy Spirit? If you’re open to such an adventure, ask God today to speak to you any way He desires. Get ready. He will do it.

Contending in Prayer,

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