Building Worshippers and Warriors

By July 21, 2015Christianity

America is not a Christian nation! We are a nation of Christians, but not a Christian nation. The culture attests to that. There has been a notion going around for the past forty years that the United States of America is a Christian nation. We are not.

I have lectured on the roots of our nation. I know history well enough to know the roots of our nation and I can say with some accuracy that America could have been described as a Christian nation in the first one hundred years of our embryonic beginnings. The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America from Europe with the vision of being “a light on a hill,” and “a new Israel on the earth” (quotes from original documents). But quickly that all changed and the incursion of greed, self-interest, and immorality began to take over the culture. I’m not blogging the merits or demerits of the early stages of the 17th to 21st centuries, but without a doubt, today, we are not a Christian nation and the culture speaks for itself—we lead the world in immorality, greed, and are growing in sex trafficking.

But what do we do as the Church when our culture is moving so rapidly toward destruction? We build a new kind of man, yes man—gender specific. The American male must be transformed. I am passionate about the hearts of men. Men must lead the way spiritually and most just don’t. Most men are passive spiritually and I’m advocating for a new Christian man.

The Church must begin to take seriously the hearts of men. We must begin the arduous work of building men. Jesus did and I like the way He did it. Jesus discipled men; He specifically discipled 12 men that changed society for the Kingdom of God. Even with Jesus, His way only captured the heart of 11. Judas never got it. Not everyone will get it. But we must get serious about equipping men.

I believe we are called to disciple, equip, and build into men! I believe that we must build worshippers and warriors. I mean men who, like David and Jesus, understood and lived the life of worshipping Jesus and warring for the Kingdom of God. I resigned from my previous church to attempt a new kind of ministry built on the foundations of Jesus—building wholehearted worshippers and warriors, especially among men.

When we study the Gospels we see the way Jesus built men. In the Epistles we view how Peter, James, and Paul built men. They were building worshippers and warriors. When we study the life and times of David, we see the heart of a worshipper and warrior.

This fall, on September 10-13, in the beauty of Ponderosa Conference Center, we are holding our first “advance” (not retreat—I hate that word). This is a spiritual boot camp, an advance into building wholehearted worshippers and warriors. If you are passionate about becoming a worshipper and warrior, join us. Your life may never be the same again. Vote with your time, energy, and money and come along. We will equip you with the battle plan of God in this spiritual boot camp. It is 2015 and our life is fleeting away, along with our culture. Our hope is found through men who will take back the ground that’s been lost. Now is the time.

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If you are passionate about becoming a worshipper and warrior join us at The Wholeheart Advance, September 10-13th.

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