2018: A Year of Breakthrough!

When David, after 17 years as an outlaw, had been anointed king over Israel, the Philistines were more than ready to make their move. “Now when the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, [they] went up to search for David.” (2 Samuel 5:17, NKJV). David had no more consolidated his fledgling army, than the battle-hardened men of Philistia were ready to take him out. The very next verse says they “deployed,” in the nearby valley.

David doesn’t sit idly by and wish for a better day; no, he “inquired of the Lord.” David sought God in prayer. David cried out for wisdom.

God speaks to David to go on the offensive. David attacks the Philistines and defeats them—twice, (read verses 17—25). David thoroughly destroys the Philistine forces! Never again would the Philistines have sway over David.

Now here’s what’s interesting. David renames the valley, which had been known as the Valley of Giants, to “Baal Perazim,” the Master of Breakthrough! Why? Because God gave David a major breakthrough over the Philistines.

God wants to bring breakthrough in your life this year! Whenever you make the move to discover and live out your calling from God, the anointing of God on your life, get ready for the enemy to deploy its forces to fight back. Usually the deepest shame and regret in your life is in the arena of your greatest anointing. But God’s name is Breakthrough! He is the Master of Breakthrough. Go after Him this year. Don’t settle for the Valley of Giants, enter into the Valley of Breakthrough.

Seeking breakthrough,