I believe a fantastic revival is coming to our city. I believe it will be preceded by faith-filled, Word-rooted, Spirit-alive Jesus followers coming together to wholeheartedly pray and cry out, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in our city as it is in heaven.” Even now, I feel it in the spiritual atmosphere. Something is happening.

Many years ago, in Japan as a missionary, I began to read books by Paul Yonggi Cho, (now called David Yonggi Cho), the pastor of the largest church in world, Yoido Full Gospel Church. He coined a phrase that I have never forgotten: “open heaven.” He spoke of the open heaven over Korea and the ease in which God’s Spirit was moving in the hearts of the Koreans. It was the result of years of prayer, faith and consistent witness from the local churches all over the country.

Something is beginning to happen in the city of Colorado Springs. I would not call it an, “open heaven,” but rather an, “opening heaven.” It’s embryonic and I see signs of the coming kingdom.

Two weeks ago, at Contend America, a youth conference we hosted with The Call, a young man with a broken back received prayer and the next week testified of a massive healing from incessant pain. The week before, at a Sunday service, dozens came forward for prayer and we didn’t leave the sanctuary for at least an hour afterwards.

On a flight to Palm Springs this past week, I began to share my faith with a young, 22-year-old man sitting next to me. I began this way, “John, (not his real name), do you know that the kingdom of God is all around us? It’s beautiful and it affects everything. This kingdom is available for you to experience…” As I shared with him, I opened my Bible and shared about the life, death and resurrection of Christ. He was so hungry. He asked me a few questions and as the plane landed, he gave his heart to Jesus! As he lifted up his head after prayer, he exclaimed, “I’m so excited!”

These are the signs of an opening heaven. Get ready. The best is yet to come.

Excited for the opening heaven,


Steve Holt D.D. MA