Why I’m Bullish on Christianity in America

On April 7th on Fox News, Lee Strobel, the apologist, pastor, and the main subject of the recently released movie, The Case for Christ, made the audacious statement, “I’m bullish on Christianity. In short … we’re entering a golden era of Christian ‘apologetics,’ where scholars are sharing compelling arguments and evidence for the faith.” I agree.

I’m with Dr. Strobel. As a pastor for the past twenty years, I’m seeing a groundswell of new interest, new desire, and new passion for the person of Jesus Christ. Young millennials are pouring into our church asking all the right questions and eager to learn more about Christianity.

I’m bullish on the future of the Church in America. We may be on the verge of another great awakening.

Young people are growing weary of the materialistic and celebrity-saturated culture and are searching for authentic truth. New churches and new ministries are popping up all over the landscape who are promoting Christ through feeding the poor, caring for the needy, teaching God’s Word, and sharing clearly about a dynamic intimate relationship with Christ. New worship styles are being birthed from the millennial generation that are touching the hearts of people all over the world. There is a growing interest in an intellectual faith that doesn’t just fire up the heart but also the head.

At The Well, a ministry to college students and 20-somethings at the church I pastor, I see young adults electrified and pumped up about their faith in Jesus. The old cultural Christianity that has so dominated our churches is dying. These young adults are different. They want a revolution of their character rather than just a place to attend on Sunday.

Post-modern relativity is flat-lining. In our increasingly chaotic world, young people are searching for truth that engages the mind and the heart. I’m excited for the future. I’m watching my seven sons and daughters (yes it’s true, seven!), ranging in age from 11 to 29. They are all enthusiastic about Christ and the church. They are weekly telling me stories of changing lives and new opportunities to share their faith.  Now, that not only gives a father a glad heart, it makes the pastor and leader in me thrilled for the future of Christianity in our nation.

On the Road Less Traveled,

Steve Holt D.D. MA

Twitter: @pastorsteveholt