What is Wholehearted Anyway?

By November 4, 2015Christianity

At The Road, the church I pastor, at the Wholeheart Advance, the men’s retreat we did in September, everyone is hearing me talk about being “wholehearted.” I frequently get asked the question: “What is being wholehearted anyway?”

This is what I mean by being wholehearted—it’s all about loving God, yourself, and people with all of your being! It’s about breaking the power of shame through vulnerability and openness. It’s telling your story.

It’s waking up in the morning and saying “I am beloved; I am worthy; I am beautiful; I have what it takes, because Jesus has what it takes. I am enough because Jesus is enough.”

It is learning to say, “I have been given a new heart, a good heart, a beautiful heart, a new way of living and loving.” It’s growing to understand that I have a new mind, a beautiful wonderful mind. I have the mind of Christ.

It is going to bed at night saying, ”Today I may have failed, I may have tried to love and it didn’t work out; I felt rejected, but I’m brave, I’m courageous, I’m good. I am still beloved.”

It’s laying our head on the pillow saying to our heart, “I’m on a journey and I really blew it today—but tomorrow I’m going to show up again; I’m going to still dare greatly and with Christ I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

On the Road,

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