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These are interesting times in America. Never in my lifetime have I observed so much controversy, chaos and disaster. As we sat on our couch for an NFL game on Sunday, we witnessed half of the team, the San Francisco 49ers, kneeling during the national anthem. When we turned on the nightly news, we saw vivid, live broadcasts of raging wildfires in Napa, Sonoma and Santa Rosa, California. If Houston, Texas wasn’t devastating enough, last month the whole nation witnessed yet another level 4 hurricane in Florida. Should I even mention the wars being fought in Kurdistan and Afghanistan?

Then, the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The most murderous rampage in U.S. history, with 58 dead and almost 500 wounded. What is going on?

Yet, I have never witnessed a more active, engaged American Church!

This morning, I watched a video from Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. This church has been on a non-stop crusade to reach out, love and practically help the victims of the shooting. From visiting the wounded in local hospitals, to making care packages and fixing the bullet-riddled truck for a lady who rescued countless victims. We watched as they told this lady that the church would fix her truck. She just broke down in tears.

Last month we sent a team into Houston, Texas to clean up houses devastated by flooding. They came back beaming with stories of love, grace and hard work.

I just returned from our church’s Wholeheart Advance, where God mightily touched the lives of over 80 men. Yesterday morning, 50 men showed up at 6am to worship and pray at what we are calling, “Morning Fire.” Men shared through tears, of praying with their wives for the first time; of sharing their newly revived faith with neighbors and co-workers. Men worshipped with hands and hearts upraised.

This morning I received texts from one of our Stewards at The Road, telling us of him witnessing to a person yesterday. He texted, “She has lots of hurts, drug and alcohol issues; a sister who died when she was 14…has been in depression ever since.” She has heard the loving, joyful gospel of Jesus Christ yesterday and today, because of one man who has chosen to listen and share!

This is the soul of Jesus. Is the soul of Jesus the soul of our nation? We need a revival; we desperately need a spiritual awakening. I’m choosing to believe in the soul of Christ. If the soul of Jesus continues to rise in times like these, it could be that God is going to give Jesus to our nation.

Choosing the soul of Jesus,


Steve Holt D.D. MA
Twitter @pastorsteveholt