Thanksgiving 2017: Walking Through Life with Bloodstained Allies

I’m sitting next to a blazing fire in our Black Forest home, affectionately known as Hebron Woods. My three labs are asleep at my feet. I’ve just returned from hunting pheasant with three of my four sons. It was a great hunt. Not just because we shot some birds, but more deeply, the conversations were meaningful and the jokes hilarious.

The past three years have been the worst and best of my life. But through it all, God has given me people who have never wavered in their love for my family and me. We have battled through countless demonic attacks together. We have wept together, laughed together and forged fierce friendships.

I’m so proud of my family. All of our children, most are now young adults, are going after the kingdom of God, warriors in worship and prayer and so supportive of each other. It was over twenty years ago that I invited a pastor and mentor from California, Bob Fulton, to speak at our fledgling little church. I asked him what was the most important lesson he had learned in ministry. Without any hesitation he said, “Don’t sacrifice your family for the ministry. People in ministry will come and go, but you will always have your wife and family.” I took that to heart and I believe we are reaping the benefits in so many ways.

I could name hundreds of people who are our bloodstained allies—people we have trusted with our deepest pain, and theirs with us. This Thanksgiving 2017, this is truly what I’m most thankful for.



Steve Holt D.D. MA
Twitter @pastorsteveholt