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By April 1, 2015Christianity

Good Friday is about the death of the most dangerous man who ever lived, who proclaimed the most dangerous message ever heard, and started the most dangerous movement the world has ever seen!
This is why, in every nation of the world, we join billions of Jesus disciples, meeting together, worshipping together, praying together, this weekend, to celebrate this day.

It was a dangerous day—that day in AD 33. Arguably, the most dangerous day in human history. A lethal man died that day—one who the Romans questioned, the Jews hated, the masses followed, and the world has been talking about ever since. He was dangerous because he challenged the status quo—politically, socially, culturally, and religiously. He was trouble.

Maybe we should rename it Dangerous Friday? But that wouldn’t work. If we renamed it Dangerous Friday, what would we do with the Easter Bunny? That’s big business. Bunny’s are not supposed to be dangerous. They’re so cute and fluffy. (Unless of course we make the bunny more like the killer rabbit in Monte Python.) You can’t have a Dangerous Friday! What would all the churches do with their Easter Egg hunts? Paint all the eggs in camo?

But to be more accurate, Good Friday can’t be called Dangerous Friday because our 21st century Christ, and our morphed form of Christianity, is anything but dangerous. Our Jesus wears a Hawaiian shirt, drives a Mercedes, and cruises around just lovin’ on everyone. A nice guy; everyone’s buddy. We have a tamed down caricature of the New Testament outlaw. Jesus was anything but tame. Tame guys don’t become outlaws and get murdered by nervous authorities.

Dangerous Friday seems to fit better the man, the message, and the movement. This Friday, worship Him, and thank Him for being so dangerous. You and I would not be celebrating this day if He were anything less.

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