Don’t Live Life

By February 4, 2016Christianity

Someone once said, “if you live each day as if it were your last, someday you will certainly be right.” This past week my family and I watched Liz’s mother live her last day. We were there, surrounding her bed—singing, sharing memories, and weeping—as she took her last breath.

All of the surveys that have been done have come to the same conclusion, the chance of you and I dying is still one hundred percent. Remembering that we will die, that today could be our last day, is one of the greatest motivations for thinking we have anything to lose.

We are told the world is the way it is and we should live our life by the rules of the way things have always been—have a nice family, get a half decent job, have fun, and retire to the golf course. We are limited by the prevailing opinion that life is just to be lived in.

I believe life is more than just to be lived within the rules of what has always been, but that God put us on this earth to change it, to transform it, to mold it. One thing you learn when you look at history is that the world is moved forward by people no smarter than you and me. The only difference is they are crazy enough to believe they could make a mark upon the world and then went out and did it. They broke the rules, they colored outside the lines, and they certainly weren’t listening to the voices of those who limited their vision.

Have the courage to listen to your heart. Each of us have been created by God to do something with our lives that makes an impact upon others. Don’t live life, change it. Don’t let the voice of other people’s limited opinions drown out your own inner vision. Have the courage to follow the Holy Spirit within you. Live today as if it were your last day. If you do, eventually those days will add up to a life that changed life.

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