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Be Still. Be Jesus Strong!

My phone has been blowing up all day with emergency situations, concerns and questions. The Coronavirus and the unprecedented measures that our federal and state government are making, to combat its spread, are very fluid and dynamic. We have gone from no concern to hyper concern in just the last week. Who knows what the next week will bring?

But now, I’m sitting outside in the warm sun, next to my fire pit in Black Forest. I have turned off my phone for the past two hours and chosen to worship. I’ve burst out in praise with the likes of Kari Jobe, Kristian Stanfill, Leeland and Paul McClure (YouTube worship). I’ve spent time meditating in Romans 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10; 2 Timothy 1:7; and 1 John 4:18. Any anxiety I had has evaporated like the morning mist. A surge of faith and joy is pouring like a mighty river into my heart. As the wind blows through the trees, I have peace.

It’s in such times that we must stop, look and listen to Jesus. Jesus is strong for us, especially when we feel weak and vulnerable. Jesus is strong for us when we feel unsure of ourselves. Jesus is strong for us when we feel confused. Be Jesus strong!

But you must slow down enough to hear His voice, feel His love and experience His nearness. I want to encourage each of you to renew your mind with Jesus. Focus on Him. Worship Him. Meditate on His Word.

So, turn off your cell phone, TV and computer. Leave the noise of people. Get alone and worship. Open the Word of God and read, read, read. When God speaks to you, stop and listen. He will give you everything you need. He will pour into your mind power, love and peace.

Jesus strong,


Steve Holt M.A., D.D.