Why I Wrote, “Worshipper Warrior”

Sunday was the launch of my new book, Worshipper Warrior: a 21-day journey into the dangerous life of David. Why did I write this book?

First of all, I never intended to write a book, especially a book on the life of David. But, it was in a time of deep shame that God used this story of David to awaken my heart.

Four years ago, I was broken, humiliated and overwhelmed with loss and shame and it was in such circumstances that I rediscovered David—this audacious, brawny, saint and sinner. Each day as I walked for miles, taking inventory of my life, my ministry, my mistakes, my hopes and dreams, I discovered a man in the Bible I could readily identify with. David got my attention like no other.

As I wept, cried out to God, shared my heart with some other men and opened the Word of God, his life and passions leapt into my heart. Jesus and David captured my passionate desire to be wholehearted and free. I devoured the pages of Scripture in first and second Samuel. David’s devotion and passions grabbed my heart and would not let go!

I wrote this book to help others discover a man, “after God’s own heart!” I wrote in order to challenge all of us that the kind of man God is looking for is not some perfect, nice guy who seems to have it all figured out, but rather, a failed, broken man who simply will not quit seeking God.

I have grown to believe that David is the model man in Scripture, not in spite of his sin, but because of his sin. I know that sounds heretical. But it’s where we all live—lustful, greedy and yet still down deep inside, wanting, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” God’s editing of a life is amazing. He truly does look at the heart more than the outward appearance.

My prayer is that every man (and woman) who reads this book would discover how they can become worshippers and warriors too.

You can pick up the book at Amazon.comor SteveHoltOnline.org,


Steve Holt M.A., D.D.