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Last week, I looked at “The Five Stumbling Blocks” that have tripped up many a good person in their walk with God. Today I want to look at the antidote to these by writing about five corresponding “stepping stones” to success and effectiveness in your life. They are both kind of “companion blogs.” Consider reading my blog last week and then, at the same setting, read this one.

  1. Prioritizing PB&J

As I shared last week, PB&J, is short for “Prayer, Bible, and Journal.” After more than 47 years of walking with the Lord, I believe the most fundamental foundation for growing in Christ, staying on fire for God, and maintaining intimacy with the Holy Spirit is found here—making time every day for focused prayer, Bible study, and journaling. The discipline to make time to talk to God, listen for His voice, read His Word, and write down what He’s saying, is huge in kindling and maintaining your fire for God.

  1. Attending Worship Services and Maintaining Bloodstained Allies

Making time each week to worship at your local church, hear God’s Word being preached, and maintaining close relationships with some bloodstained allies is important in staying on fire for God. All of us were made for connection and heart to heart relationships. This is so important in the ongoing development of our soul. Having a church to attend, being in the presence of corporate worship, teaching from God’s Word, and prayer is necessary for continued growth in Christ.

  1. Getting Serious in Dealing with Lust

The struggle with lust is every man’s battle. The struggle with lust is every woman’s battle. The way in which we struggle may be different, but the struggle is real and intense in both genders. One of the great lessons I’ve learned is that I cannot trust myself nor my power in dealing with such temptations. I must take it seriously and ruthlessly in dealing with weaknesses in this area. This means I just cannot go to certain places, look at certain websites, or watch certain kinds of movies. I put up safeguards in my life, and this has protected me through the years.

  1. Putting in the Time to Nurture One’s Marriage and Family

It’s not just about “quality time,” but nurturing family also means “quantity time!” Marriage and parenting are hard work, but it’s worth the effort. Being a husband and father is the most important responsibility I have. I take seriously that role and the work needed to nurture my marriage and family. We must prioritize time with our spouse and our children. They are the most important relationships in our lives. This means having date nights, vacations together, hanging out as a family, talking, sharing with, and listening to your kids, and eating meals together most nights.

  1. Focus on Spiritual Success, Not Worldly Success

Finally, I want to conclude with the importance of being a spiritual success in your life. Be a man of God! Be a woman of God! Make Jesus your Lord and Savior. Live a holy life. Love the way Jesus would love. You are probably saying to yourself, “sounds good Pastor Steve, but how can I truly do that?” Great question. You can’t. You can’t be a spiritual success! But if you will surrender your life and heart to Christ and let Him live His life in and through you, you can do it.

It’s all about a partnership; a personal, dynamic, growing relationship with the Holy Spirit. Letting Him fill your life with His love, joy, peace, and power. So, give your life to Christ today. Be rekindled in your relationship with Him. Surrender everything to Him and watch what He will do.


Stepping out with you,

Pastor Steve