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There is a cosmic war in the heavenlies and on earth for the future of our nation. Mark my words: 2024 will be the most tumultuous and chaotic since the War Between the States. Not since the Civil War have we been so divided, confused, and unsure of ourselves. This is all part of Satan’s strategy to erode and destroy our nation from within.

America and the whole Western world are now living in a post-Christian era, with large numbers of those born after 1970 rejecting the Christian faith. This means that we, as Jesus followers, will face increasing opposition to our Christian faith.

The Spiritual Power of the Antichrist

With the loss of a Judeo-Christian Worldview, we are seeing an attack on Democracy, the Constitution, and Law and Order, especially from Marxist ideology that now owns the Democratic Party, Mainstream Media, most tech companies, sports, education, the pharmaceutical industry, and increasingly all of the intelligence networks.

There is a Marxist militancy gradually taking over Western thought. Once described by Pope Benedict XVI as a “worldwide dictatorship of seemingly humanistic ideologies”[i] that push dissenters to the margins of society.

Benedict called this a manifestation of “the spiritual power of the Antichrist.”[ii] Because they fear truth and desire to re-educate our thinking, the elite political, tech, media structure in America are pushing for censorship of free speech, divisive causes over race relations, and new anti-scientific definitions of gender and sex. They are promoting of what we might call soft totalitarianism.

This soft communism is gradually getting a foothold in America. Demonic territorial spirits are behind the leaders in this rise of global Marxist Socialism that is now infiltrating our land.

With the loss of power and the Gospel in the Church, demons of sex, immorality, gender confusion, porn, and even human trafficking are released all over America. One leading sex trafficking expert said to me a few weeks ago that America is “the world leader in pornography and child sex trafficking.”

The Powerless Church

The western Church of the mid-twentieth century embraced liberalism in the form of “German Higher Criticism,” which started as a trickle into the seminaries and became a stream into all the mainline protestant denominations. In the latter part of the century, its influence infiltrated the American evangelical churches with the Seeker Sensitive Church Movement. Though different politically and theologically at the time, the common denominator was a focus more on accommodating the culture than confronting it. And now, in the twenty-first century we observe the Progressive Church that has so compromised biblically and theologically that even the definitions of heaven, hell, and substitutionary atonement are up for grabs.

Live by Truth

Rod Dreher writes, “We cannot hope to resist the coming soft totalitarianism if we do not have our spiritual lives in order.”[iii] Such was the prophetic voice of the Russian dissident, Nobel laureate, and Orthodox Christian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn published the Gulag Archipelago, exposing the deceit and lies of the Russian Communist System. On the eve of his forced exile from his beloved nation, his final message to the Russian people, was an essay entitled, “Live Not by Lies!”[iv]

Solzhenitsyn was not the only dissident to not live by lies under a communist government. Czech playwright and future post-communist president Vaclav Havel coined a phrase “live by truth.”[v] He realized that under the communist system, most people had learned to live by lies. His challenge was for people to know and choose to live by the truth.

Be Courageous!

In the same spirit, we must determine to line up our lives according to the truth. It takes courage to lean on the Bible as our foundation of truth. It takes courage to stop letting culture dictate our decisions. It takes courage to be skeptical of the information we’re being fed from the mainstream media. It takes continual courage to live by truth, teach truth to our children, and be in deep community with like-minded truth seekers.

Pastor Steve

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