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The Ways of Evil and Understanding All

By March 23, 2023March 24th, 2023No Comments

“Evil men do not understand justice,
But those who seek the Lord understand all” (Proverbs 28:5).

Evil is anything absent of God. Evil is anything absent of good. The Proverb of Solomon speaks of “evil men”. The personification of evil is always through people who have no discernment of good and evil because they are without conscience, compassion, or a standard of goodness.

But for those who seek the Lord, who seek the Kingdom of God, we can understand “all things.” Understanding comes to those who have the Kingdom of God within. When we prioritize the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33), God gives us understanding of all matters. As we grow in righteousness, God gives us wisdom for every situation.

Bold as a Lion

“The wicked flee when no one pursues,
But the righteous are bold as a lion” (Proverbs 28:1).

When one of our pastors at The Road, Kyle DiGiacomo, heard that there was a teenage girl who had been abducted and was being trafficked in Colorado Springs, Kyle investigated the situation. He found out where she was in the city. He made some phone calls, went in, rescued her, and reunited her with her father. Kyle was bold as a lion and understood what was needed to set this girl free!

When Governor Polis told us to shut down our churches, we did research on the virus, and rather than closing, we opened our church four weeks later. We were bold as a lion and understood religious freedom!

As we heard more about the COVID virus, Pam Holloway did research, consulted with leading doctors around the nation, and developed a protocol that healed over 3,000 people in El Paso County. Pam was bold as a lion and understood what was needed in healthcare!

When we realized how ignorant most of the church was on political candidates and the issues, Chaim Goldman developed the Church Voter Guide. This guide has led to over 30% higher turnout in voting in the past three election cycles. Chaim was bold as a lion and understood what was needed to inform voters!

If you are seeking first the Kingdom of God, you can “understand all.” God gives you kingdom dominion over evil. Such wisdom can make you bold as a lion.  Be bold!


Pastor Steve