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Bring it On

By September 21, 2023October 18th, 2023No Comments

Life is hard. As a pastor, father, and husband, I am constantly confronted with bad news, difficult choices, and serious circumstances. I feel like every day is just another day to face something hard. People are malevolent. Friends will betray you. Getting ripped off is part of the demonic world we live in.

So, how should we navigate this reality? Get frustrated? Blame someone, your bad luck, or even God? A lot of people have big struggles dealing with hardships and the blame game is their natural go to when times are hard. That’s what cowards do.

I’ve got a little phrase I dial up when troubles come. I think about this when I’m tired of being tired. I think about this almost daily. It helps me.

I think, Bring it on! I think in my spirit these three words and it always comforts me. It helps me forget about my troubles and focus on the condition of my heart and mind. I say it to myself over and over again: Bring it on!

Instead of “oh no…” or “I can’t believe this…” or “are you kidding me?” No, those don’t help at all; they only intensify my anxiety and worry. Rather I say to myself Bring it on, and confidence comes.

Bring it on means I’m confident in God to navigate any circumstance.

When things are going bad, say “Bring it on.”

  • You didn’t get the promotion…Bring it on.
  • Nobody called you back…Bring it on.
  • You’ve got cancer…Bring it on.
  • You just got another rejection…Bring it on.

It’s a stand you take. It’s about resiliency. It’s getting back into the arena after getting knocked down. If I really believe that “all things work together for good,” (Romans 8:28) then saying Bring it on is a faith statement of belief in the goodness of God. Bring it on means to me:

  • I have what it takes to handle any situation.
  • I’m fully confident that God will give me wisdom.
  • I’m powerful and strong in Christ.
  • I’m looking forward to what I will learn through this circumstance.
  • I’m being made into a better person through the pain.
  • Something good is going to happen.

Let me challenge you to recite this simple 3-word phrase and the next time hardship, pain, and surprise comes your way, just say, Bring it on and watch what happens to your mindset.

Bring it on,

Pastor Steve