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Don’t Miss Christmas

By December 22, 2022January 18th, 2023No Comments

You know the story. It’s found in Luke 2:1-7. You know the scene. It’s depicted through every cute manger scene at Mardel or Hobby Lobby. The halos, the adorable little characters of Joseph, Mary, shepherds, a cow, a few sheep, and three wise men.  They’re all staring at the baby in the manger. Jesus, with his cherub-like face, little arms raised, comfortable in a hay-lined manger.

We really don’t know the details of the birth of Christ. Some say He was born in a cave. Some say a stable. I’ve been to Bethlehem and our guides tell us it was a cave. I’m not sure. The tours in the Holy Land are as much about making money as informing the pilgrims, and they have this convenient cave in a pasture where you can see the manger scene. God only knows.

The Inn Keeper

But here’s what we do know. The innkeeper in our story missed Christmas. Joseph and Mary were poor. They couldn’t afford to bribe the innkeeper, and there was “no room for them in the inn.” The innkeeper was preoccupied with his business and his bank account. Can you imagine turning away a young mother (probably about 16 or 17 years old) who is in her ninth month of pregnancy? The innkeeper missed Christmas.

King Herod

Some magicians came to King Herod, depicted in Matthew 2:1-12, asking about “the King of the Jews” whose star they had been following. According to their calculations, a Messiah was to be born soon and nearby. King Herod, full of fear and paranoia, didn’t know what to do. Instead of seeking out the true King prophesied hundreds of years before, he sought a way to murder the baby. King Herod missed Jesus out of fear and paranoia.

Wise Men got it Right!

The wise men didn’t miss Christmas. Historically we know they came later, after the birth of Jesus–they didn’t miss Christmas in their hearts. These men, who were magicians, astrologers, astronomers, and sorcerers­–they didn’t miss Christmas. They were truth seekers and God led them to the greatest truth of all time, a Saviour born in Bethlehem.

Don’t miss Christmas. Remember who came and why. Jesus, the Christ, was born in Bethlehem to save you and me from ourselves. Don’t let your business, bank account, or fear cause you to miss Christmas. Join with the wise men and choose to worship Him.

Pastor Steve