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Studies of the last 30 years on neuroplasticity have shown that our brain can continue to develop throughout our lifetime and is key to the way in which we react to problems in our lives. Scientists, doctors, and researchers are finding that how one copes with issues of stress is actually more powerful than the stress itself.

We’ve been taught that sickness comes from “pathogens.” Pathogen refers to bacteria, germs, or other microorganisms that have the potential to induce disease. But what the latest research shows is that most sickness is less about pathogens and more about how one copes with life. Those who cope well with stress, possess strong relational ties, and have an inner peace, are those who tend to be physically healthy.

Physician Andrew Weil, research associate in ethnopharmacology at Harvard and author of Health and Healing, reminds us,

“External, material objects never cause the disease, but these are merely agents looking for susceptible hosts. When we have poor coping skills, deficient social support, and high stress, our bodies become upset and our resistance lowered. An agent of disease then finds fertile ground in which to develop or might act as straw ready for a fire.”

Research shows that the opposite is also true. When we have inner peace, a strong social support system, and good coping skills, we can resist pathogens and stay healthy.

The Most Powerful Prescription for a Healthy Life

The most powerful prescription for a healthy life was given to us by Jesus when He said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33). In other words, when we line up our lives with the Kingdom of God, “all things” work better. When we give Jesus control of our entire life—body, soul, and spirit—we are lining ourselves up with the health of the Kingdom of God.

When we make Jesus our highest affection and the Kingdom of God our highest pursuit, life goes better. We cope better; we love deeper; we forgive quicker, and we are just healthier with our life. The Kingdom of God life is the healthiest life known to man. So, seek the Kingdom and live a healthy life.


Seeking the Kingdom,

Pastor Steve