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The Great Reset or the Great Revolution? Part 2

By April 7, 2022No Comments

As I stated in my last blog, Klaus Schwab and those elites involved in “the Great Reset” have distinctive plans they hope to carry out by the year 2030. Let me continue.

Fact Check #4: They believe the population must be reduced.

Remember the movie “Logan’s Run” where you only get to live so long and then are exterminated for the good of all? They believe the planet is overcrowded and populations should be reduced. Think infanticide, abortion, and more and more dangerous untested vaccines.

Fact Check #5: Their cover is all things green.

Their cover for most of their activities is climate change, overpopulation, and green legislation, working closely with the United Nations. They bypass Congress, and Congress lets them! The Democrats and many Republicans let them get away with it!

Like President Biden did with OSHA in mandating the COVID shot, Biden is now working with the SEC and is bypassing Congress to legislate green regulations on all of us. The chief economist for the Securities and Exchange Commission announced on March 4, 2021, the creation of a Climate and ESG Task Force in the Division of Enforcement.

Acting Deputy Director Kelly Gibson said: “Consistent with increasing investor focus and reliance on climate and ESG-related disclosure and investment, the Climate and ESG Task Force will develop initiatives to proactively identify ESG-related misconduct.”

She said with “Scope 1, 2, and 3,” even suppliers will be investigated for their carbon footprint and other related environmental matters; private companies, too!

Do you see what’s happening? They are watching everyone! They are targeting all of us if we don’t follow the Left’s environmental plan. This is the Green New Deal from Biden.

Fact Check #6: The best government will be capitalism with Chinese letters.

They are actively working to create a one-world government built on “capitalism with Chinese letters” (Klaus Schwab), which means Chinese-style capitalism.

It is socialism, communism, Marxism, and totalitarianism wrapped up and cloaked under the new cool name of “the Great Reset.”

What is the Great Reset?

The Great Reset means addressing “the weakness of capitalism” and resetting the world’s governments into a Chinese-style system. It is “rebooting” the operating systems of democracy and Marxism.

“The Great Reset represents the development of the Chinese system in the West, but in reverse. Whereas the Chinese political class began with a socialist political system and then introduced privately held for-profit production, the West began with capitalism and is now implementing a Chinese-style political system. This Chinese-style system includes vastly increased state intervention in the economy on the one hand, and on another, the kind of authoritarian measures that the Chinese government uses to control the population.” (Michael Rectenwald, Chief Academic Officer, American Scholars)

In brief, the Great Reset is “stakeholder capitalism” involving behavioral modification of corporations to benefit not shareholders but stakeholders—individuals and groups that stand to benefit or lose from corporate behavior.

It entails large corporations’ interests working closely with government intervention to manipulate the economy, to monopolize the control over the common people, and to cancel all dissenters.

Klaus wants a Marxist communist state fueled by capitalism. In other words, this is not Soviet communism built on communism first and the economy second, which led to failure. But rather, the Great Reset represents the development of the Chinese system in the West, but in the way the Chinese have engineered it.

History and Common Sense

I believe it will ultimately fail because it always has. There is no Marxist system that has ever worked. To the chagrin of the Leftists, Communists, and Globalists, there is not one example in history of such a system working. It has been tried in Soviet Russia, Communist China, and Cuba, and has always led to disaster. It will not prevail.

Common sense tells us that human beings love freedom. God placed a passion for freedom in the heart of every person. I believe that the image of God within us, in all people, is a longing for liberty. This reset will fail.

But it is our God-given mandate from God to have dominion on the earth. As misplaced as this idea of a great reset is, we must battle in the Spirit to oppose it, fight against it, and pray for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit. This is our mandate; this is our act of defiance.

Let me encourage each of you to alert Christians in your churches to be aware of this strategy of Satan. May the word gradually get out and may each of you stand strong in the fight.

I am currently doing a series entitled, “The Invisible War,” at The Road, and I would encourage each of you to listen to this series. For more information on the spiritual warfare we are in go to:


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Stay Alert,

Pastor Steve