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Dancing with Chaos: The Leadership of Moses, Part 2

By May 5, 2022No Comments

“The School of the Burning Bush”

Leadership is dancing with chaos, listening for and obeying God’s voice, and guiding people toward God’s order and purpose for their lives. We need people today who can navigate ambiguity, deal with opposition in love, and keep their heart fired up for Him. Moses was such a leader.

In Exodus 3, Moses has been in the wilderness for forty years. He has forgotten about Egypt; he has lost his vision; he has no desire to lead anything but sheep. Moses is most at home in the wilderness.

While tending his sheep, Moses notices a bush that is “burning with fire but is not consumed.” (Exodus 3:2) A burning bush that is not being charred by the fire would be quite interesting. The Angel of the Lord appears and begins to speak to Moses.

As far as we can tell in Exodus, the Biblical biographical sketch of Moses, this is the first time God has come to Moses and spoken to him. Moses is full of fear and apprehension.

All the bravado and self confidence that marked Moses when he was in Egypt has evaporated. All the bluster no longer remains. Moses is a broken man.

God is always looking for people He can use. He is not interested in the aptitude of one’s talents, but is drawn to the attitude of one’s heart. Through the failures and difficulties, Moses has been changed. From God’s vantage point, Moses is ready for leadership.

Moses is graduating from the School of the Burning Bush. It is time to lead. It is time for Moses to leave comfort and step into chaos.

Once my brother met the late revivalist, Leonard Ravenhill. He asked Dr. Ravenhill where he should go to seminary, to which he said, “Go to the Seminary of the Burning Bush!”

The School of the Burning Bush is the place of humility. This is the place where the leader’s heart is transformed.

Qualities of the School of the Burning Bush:

  1. It is in the wilderness.
  2. It is the place of listening.
  3. It is the place of fire.
  4. It is the place of receiving God’s orders.

Are you in the wilderness? Are you battling demons that you haven’t been set free from? Have you lost all confidence? Perfect. You are being trained by God for the work He has for you. You are in the School of the Burning Bush. Don’t quit. Keep going.


Still taking classes,

Pastor Steve