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I am studying the Book of Acts. I have read through Acts more than a dozen times. No book of the Bible gets me more fired up than this powerful historical sketch into the early church. What we read about in Luke’s account is a small group of wholehearted disciples who dared to believe God for a Kingdom of God revolution. For forty days they prayed and waited on God.

It happened on Pentecost. The fire of God fell upon this band of desperate, tired, uneducated, unprepared, and frightened disciples; and they were transformed into the greatest movement the world has ever known.

What happened to them? They prayed and waited for the power of God to come down. The Holy Spirit was poured out!

God will do it again. He will do it again if we will pray and, just like them, dare to believe Him for what seems impossible, a Kingdom of God revolution. The revolution began on Good Friday and Easter. The army was formed on Pentecost.

But don’t forget the context. Rome was in power. Tiberius Caesar was the emperor, and Pontius Pilate was the despot ruler over Jerusalem; not exactly the kind of leaders one would want to go up against. Rome ruled with an iron fist with a totalitarian rule that no other political or religious power could overthrow; not exactly favorable conditions.

Acts 17:6 says that the early church “turned the world upside down!” How did they do it? They received the power of the Holy Spirit, wholeheartedly gave their lives to Him, and obeyed whatever He told them to do. The world was never the same.

God will do it again! Are you on fire for Jesus? Begin to cry out for His fire to fall afresh on you. Don’t limit what God can do through you. Pray for the fire of God to fall upon you!

On Fire,

Pastor Steve