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Dancing with Chaos: The Leadership of Moses, Part 3

By May 12, 2022No Comments

“Freedom Fighter”

Moses has no idea what’s been happening in Egypt. It’s now been forty years since his exit. He is a sheepherder. No ambition. No vision. No nothing, but moving sheep around from one hill to the next.

Then God shows up in Exodus 3. Whenever God shows up, things change. God shows up and calls to Moses something like this: “My people, your people, have been crying out to Me for deliverance from bondage. It’s chaos in Egypt for My people, your people. I want to bring them out to a new land, a better land, but I need a new leader. You are the leader I’m choosing to lead them out. So, let’s go!” (Steve Holt Southern Version)

Moses has no self-confidence, no training in strategic leadership, no seminary degree, and most definitely, no credibility. But God is calling him to be a freedom fighter.

God’s leadership calling always involves setting people free. It’s the MO of God. Jesus said His main mission on the earth was to “set the captives free.” (Luke 4:18) The Apostle Paul was a freedom fighter; just read Galatians. God is very good at setting people free from bondage, and He always uses a human leader to do it.

Qualities of a Freedom Fighter

  1. Willing to obey God’s voice. God will speak to those men and women who are willing to listen. In the Hebrew, the word for “obey” is the same root word as “to listen.” Freedom fighters who cooperate and partner with God are unique leaders who will listen and obey God’s leading.
  2. Cares about people. A true freedom-fighting leader is someone who deeply cares about people who are in bondage. They may or may not have experienced the same bondage; but they understand the dilemma, and they love people enough to lead them out of their chaos.
  3. Risk taker. Setting people free is hard and risky work. Not everyone wants to be set free. So, part of the leadership struggle is always challenging the slave that freedom is worth it.
  4. Confidence in the power of God. Such a leader must have confidence in God’s power to release a person from their bondage. We are not talking about self-confidence, but God-confidence in His power to move someone from bondage into freedom.
  5. Forceful boldness. Moses would administer God’s power to Pharaoh with a fierce boldness that forced the king of Egypt to acquiesce. When we are speaking of human slavery, we are talking about satanic power as the source. If a leader doesn’t have forceful boldness, the chains will win.

I wonder what God is doing in your life to mobilize you toward being a freedom fighter?

Whether at your job, in your home, or out shopping today, ask God to use you to bring the freedom power of God into a dark and enslaved world. Pray for someone. Share the love of Christ. Lovingly help someone in need. We are all called to set the captives free. Let God use you today. It’s what He’s good at.


Pastor Steve