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Decade of Destiny: A Partnership that Changes the World

By January 2, 2020No Comments

January 1st, 2020, not only launches a new year, it is also the first day of a new decade. We are a nation in turmoil; we are a people searching for our soul. What kind of a nation will we be in 2030?

I’m not startled anymore! You should have figured out a long time ago, that the twenty-four-hour news cycle is not about giving you information; it’s about startling you! If you feel startled, you will look up to what’s happening and keep watching. Startling the people is the keynote to success in the news channel business.

As a pastor and spiritual leader, I am focused on what God is doing in our land and across the world much more than who is president, what laws are being passed or what disaster awaits us. I have made it my ambition to know Christ and Him crucified, (Philippians 3). That keeps me quite busy enough.

In this next decade, Liz and I are focused on loving Christ, worshipping Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit and building a great church. But we can’t do it without a partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus made it His central mission to “only do what [He] saw the Father doing.” (John 5:19). Jesus never healed a person, cast out a demon or preached the Kingdom unless He heard and saw the Father leading Him to do so. That’s a partnership.

As we begin a new decade, I hope it will be a decade of destiny for you. But it can only be so, if we learn and relearn to partner with the Holy Spirit in everything we do. That’s what Liz and I are praying for, believing God for and working toward. We want this decade to be the best of our lives because we partnered with the Holy Spirit, (John 15). He is the only one who can change the world!

Partnering with the Holy Spirit,


Steve Holt M.A., D.D.

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