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The legend of King Arthur’s Court has this interesting scene. The men, the knights, surrounding the round table, are challenged to go out and find the “holy grail.” This grail, being the most coveted of all objects, will win the knight fame and fortune. So, the knights leave the castle in search of the holy grail; and each knight, knowing the value of this precious object, enters the darkest part of the forest.

This is an important lesson for all of us. It is precisely at the place of your greatest fear, the darkest place, that you learn wisdom and become a courageous person. Facing our greatest fear is the only way to wisdom.

Entering the darkest forest of our lives is very hard. It’s hard because we have avoided that dark place all our lives. It’s uncomfortable and downright horrible to face. But the lesson of life is that bravery is developed to the extent that we can quit avoiding what we hate and begin to face our deepest fears.

Maybe this is part of the plot of life—we have limitations, we have fears, we have dark angels buzzing around us. But we overcome! We don’t quit; we don’t give up.

So it is that we are knights at God’s Round Table. We are kings and priests given a kingdom. God sends us out to the darkest forests of our lives. He asks us to go and make disciples. He thrusts us out to seek a kingdom, pray for a kingdom, and live the kingdom.

What are you most fearful of today? What is the haunting of your thoughts? May I be so bold as to challenge you to begin praying for the courage to enter that darkness and overcome it. The Bible says that we are “more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.” (Romans 8:37). It is through Christ that we can face our fears. It is through Christ that we can conquer. Go with Christ into the darkest forest.


Face your Fears,

Pastor Steve