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My Thoughts on the Covid Shot

By April 22, 2021No Comments

The Bible speaks to us about health and wellness, but obviously, it doesn’t speak about vaccines. Thus, I refuse to get into an argument over this issue. But in this case, when I’ve been asked enough times about my opinion, and there seems to be only one narrative being broadcast by the mainstream media, I’ve decided to take my weekly blog to communicate my thoughts. Each person must make up his/her own mind on this issue.

From the outset, let me be completely honest with the reader. I am informed by three things: my experience, my core convictions, and my research. First, my experience is that after an entire year of the Covid hysteria, I have kept our church open to thousands of people each week (no masks and no social distancing) and had no one die of the virus. Second, my core conviction is for most diseases and viruses, a healthy immune system is designed by God to kick into gear and heal one’s body naturally. Third, my research on the vaccine is contained in the rest of this blog.


I Have Two Questions

The mainstream media is on a full-court press to get us all to take the Covid19 shot. They parade Netflix and NBA stars before us, showing them getting the vaccine. Not only have I never cared about what TV or sports stars do with their bodies, but in most cases, I do the opposite. Let’s explore what’s happening with this vaccine.

I think most of us only need two questions answered. First, is the vaccine effective to fight Covid19 long-term? Second, is the vaccine safe? To quote Tucker Carlson on Fox News last week, “[The vaccine] is a legitimate public health mystery. Either it works, or it doesn’t. But it can’t be simultaneously ‘highly effective’ and at the same time not restore people’s lives to normal.” I have the same questions.

In the beginning, we were assured that the vaccines were effective and safe. But as the occurrence of various medical emergencies and sudden deaths from the Covid vaccines have surfaced, though are very little reported in the mainstream media, it is becoming apparent that something ominous might be happening.

I personally have known only one person who died of Covid19 in over a year of the “pandemic,” and he was 95 years old. In El Paso County, the largest county in the state of Colorado, we have had 0.1% people die of Covid. That means a 99.9% survival rate. But, at this writing, I already know of two people who have died of massive heart attacks within 24 hours of taking the Covid19 vaccine. The vaccine has only been out for a few months. That gives me pause.

Last week, on Tuesday’s joint announcement by the CDC and FDA that the federal government’s Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccination program was being paused after reports of “potentially dangerous” blood clots, I became more concerned. Over 1,000 cases of blood problems have been reported.

  • Countries around the world have completely halted the J&J vaccine.
  • As of April 13, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Colorado Joint Vaccine Task Force are requiring health providers to stop administration of the J&J vaccine.
  • In early April, J&J had to throw out 15 million doses of its vaccine after they were contaminated with AstraZeneca vaccine ingredients at an unapproved manufacturing plant in Baltimore.
  • In March, Robert F. Kennedy’s website, The Defender, reported on J&J’s long history of civil and criminal lawsuits, resulting in the company having to pay billions in fines to settle lawsuits, including numerous product recalls.


Reasons I’m Leery of the Covid Shot:

1) Trust and verify. There are a few concerns: 1) Pharmaceutical companies have given the public no access to the raw data from their trials of the vaccine. 2) The FDA has not officially approved the drug being used. 3) Vaccine companies are immune from any liability for harm done by the vaccine. That should concern everyone.

The four major companies who are making Covid vaccines have: 1) never brought a vaccine to market before. 2) Pfizer and AstraZeneca have been convicted many times for felony charges in the use of their drugs. 3) Johnson & Johnson is liable in both. 4) Moderna has been trying to modernize our RNA for years, thus the name, “Moderna.” Moderna has brought to the public and later paid out tens of billions of dollars in damages for Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thalidomide, and opioids.

2) The vaccine doesn’t stop the virus. The official government report is that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission of the virus. In a recent interview with Tony Fauci, he said, even with the vaccine, one should still not be in crowded places, still always wear a mask, and still follow all the Covid protocol. We also are told we don’t know how long the vaccine will last. They are already talking about new vaccines being needed. We are still in the research and experimental stage, and you will probably need boosters to stay current. The White House said this week that new boosters will likely be needed because of the mass vaccination program.

What if I experience an adverse reaction, long-term effects, or die from the vaccine? Will I be compensated by the government? Absolutely not. The vaccine companies and the federal government have 100% zero liability regarding their experimental drugs. (Just a sidebar issue but this has been true for three decades.)

3) Healthy, less expensive remedies are being suppressed. As I look at how the media and pharmaceutical companies suppressed some of the most effective over-the-counter medicines for curing the Coronavirus early on, like Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, and Ivermectin, and suddenly took them off the market when they were most needed, I get suspicious. I have continued to be suspicious of the combination of Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech in their narrative about our health and Covid19.

Bill Maher, political commentator, comedian, and host of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” accuses the medical establishment, media, and the government of taking a “scared straight” approach to getting people to comply with their Covid recommendations. Bill Maher’s new rule: “Don’t spin me when it comes to my health.”

The evidence is lining up that when people go outside in the sun, eat healthy food, have regular close relational interaction, and take regular doses of supplements (NAC, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium and quercetin), other than mild flu-like symptoms, there is little or no impact from Covid. The evidence indicates that with non-elderly, healthy people, 99.97% of the time, one’s immune system works to fight the Coronavirus effectively.

In conclusion, with a 99.97% chance for recovery from Covid19 (everyone in our family has had Covid without a severe reaction), considering our various ages and health status, we do not see any need for the vaccine.

Life is full of risks, and each person must weigh the risk of taking or not taking the vaccine for themselves. Again, let me emphasize that this is only my opinion and my personal experience. Everyone will have to make up their own mind on this issue. I fully support whatever decisions people make. One of my favorite mottos comes from the Moravian tradition: “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, and in all things love.”


Pastor Steve