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Be Safe or Be Courageous?

By October 28, 2021No Comments

The word on the street these days is “be safe.” I hear it in stores with the cashier; I hear on news casts; I hear it among friends. I don’t like the phrase.

But since the Covid19 scare, it’s now the cool phrase. I’ve never used it and don’t intend to start.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do agree with the importance of safety. When we are hunting, shooting, and lighting a fire in a fire pit, we always speak of safety. I want anyone who is handling explosives, firearms, and messing with fire to be safe! Safety is important.

But I think we should consider a different phrase in the fear-filled days in which we are living. I think this phrase might be more valuable, more strengthening, and more faith-filled.

Be Courageous

Why not drop “be safe,” and replace it with “be courageous?”

I will give you my thesis on “be safe.” The safest way is always to be courageous! I can’t find “be safe” anywhere in the Bible. I can’t find “be safe” in any biography of great men and women who have done great exploits. You just can’t find “be safe” in any challenging speech or document. Be safe is not my kind of genre.

God did not speak to Joshua before he was to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land with, “Take the land by being safe.” No, rather He said, “Be strong and courageous…” (Joshua 1)

The word “courage” is defined as “not deterred by danger or pain; brave.” Rosa Parks didn’t play it safe on that Montgomery bus. She was brave. When C.T. Studd gave up his athletic career and went into the Congo of Africa, his motto was not “be safe,” but “be courageous.” Mother Teresa never lived a life of safety as she cared for the diseased and dying in Calcutta, India.

So, what about you and me? How will we live today? Will we choose a life of calculated fear based on the premise of being safe or will we step out by faith and be courageous? The world is longing for courageous men and women who will not be deterred by danger!


Be courageous, it’s the safest way!

Pastor Steve