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The Sheep Need Godly Leaders!

By April 8, 2021No Comments

Most people don’t like to make waves, disturb the peace, or cause trouble. It’s evidently the way we are wired. In the most famous of all personality tests, DISC, you discover that over 70% of the population fall under the category of the S distinction, “Steady.” Some of the descriptions given for a high S are: stable, serene, systems, and supportive. Generally speaking, they want to be left alone to live and let live. The motto of the high S is “lighten up and have fun.” The high S wants everyone to just get along and “make love, not war.”

As I watch the erosion of our freedom of speech and religion, I am, quite frankly, appalled at the acquiescence of the population in not standing up for their rights. The routine censorship of speech is unheard of in our nation’s history. Even the most liberal of democrats are starting to notice. The aggressiveness and deception coming from Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Gov (your “Big Brother,” to quote Orwell’s 1984), has all the marks of a totalitarian takeover. Yet, most just sit back and do nothing.

But I feel like I had one of those aha moments yesterday. What would you expect from a population of high S’s? I would add a new descriptive word for the S. It would be “sheep.” We have become a nation of “sheepeople.” Sheep do what they are told. Sheep fall in line. Sheep only care about having their needs met.

The American population is not made up of leaders. Our nation is made up of followers. America is only a land of the free and the home of the brave when leaders lead us in freedom and courage. We desperately need godly leaders.

A New Breed of Leaders

As one who reads history, it’s interesting to me how very different the original founding families of America must have been. Because of oppression in Europe and the opportunities in America, they pioneered a new life, risked everything, and left their livelihood to start over. They would have been an inordinately high percentage of, according to DISC, high D’s. Descriptive words for D’s are: daring, decisive, disciplined, and doers. Typically, only about 5% of a population are high D’s. The motto of a high D would be “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” The American population of the 17th and 18th centuries was made up of high D’s.

We desperately need a new breed of leaders in America. We need young men and women like Moses and David. Moses was a new breed of leader in his time. In Exodus 3, Moses encountered God in a burning bush and was called by God to lead Israel out of the bondage of Pharaoh. David was a new breed of leader when God called him (1 Samuel 16) to lead Israel out from under the deranged king Saul.

I do feel that God is calling the Church to be the high D needed in our nation. We can be the “daring Church,” the “decisive Church,” because we are led by a daring, decisive Leader. Jesus made the bold statement that He would “build His Church, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.” I believe it. Do you?


Daring to Believe,

Pastor Steve