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Dealing with Bullies

By August 10, 2023August 15th, 2023No Comments

I grew up as a typical kid in a typical neighborhood. I went to a typical elementary school and high school. My life was typical. In my typical life I met bullies from time to time. I recall encountering bullies in every place I lived. All of us have experienced bullies. The signs of a bully are arrogance, bluster, and a tendency to intimidate and threaten with their words.

Often but not always, bullies were big people. They used their physique to intimidate. The force of their words was backed up with brawn.

I always tried my level best to avoid bullies. I was always small for my age. I never took martial arts and had zero desire to fight people. Once I was jumped by a “friend” who wanted to get even over something. I deserved what I got.

As the years have gone by, I have encountered many bullies. Most of them nowadays are in the political arena. As I have found myself in this arena the past few years, I have observed the same bluster, arrogance, and menacing style of the schoolyard bully.

Never admire a bully. Watch over your heart and be careful who you look up to. Bullies need admirers. Don’t be one or you may become one.

Maybe some of you have felt that you were the target of people who just make it their mission to intimidate and make your life difficult. Through the years, I have certainly been the target of bullies. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned.

Lessons from Dealing with Bullies:

  1. Lesson #1. Don’t Show Fear. You may feel fear but discipline yourself to not show it outwardly. When you show fear it only amps up their daunting ways. God is your strength. Fear God first and let the fear of man drop off.
  2. Lesson #2. Don’t Respond. The greatest weapon against a bully is to ignore their comments. Just stay quiet and let God take care of that person. If you must respond, only speak facts.
  3. Lesson #3. Stay Focused on Your Vision. Stay tuned into God’s call on your life and keep moving forward. The enemy of your soul wants you distracted and worried.
  4. Lesson #4. Have Bloodstained Allies. You will need their support. Share your deepest needs with a few good men/women and get strength from them.
  5. Lesson #5. Forgive But Don’t Forget. Learn the great lesson of walking in forgiveness. Most bullies have been bullied. They are wounded people who are insecure and need attention. Forgive them from your heart. But don’t easily forget. You can forgive them, but you don’t need to trust them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean friendship.

Pastor Steve