Buy The God-Wild Marriage by Steve Holt (Digital Ebook)

A God-wild marriage doesn’t begin with your spouse; it begins with God! In The God-Wild Marriage, author and pastor Steve Holt describes God’s design for marriage, showing you how it should work practically. He shows you that God is wildly excited about marriage – especially your marriage.

God designed your marriage to be His main vehicle for you and your spouse to experience His dangerous, extravagant love, forgiveness and power. God has destined your marriage to be the place where His power and holiness are revealed.

With humor and practical advice, Steve shows you that when we follow God’s design we experience the unpredicable, overcoming and joyful life He wants for us. The God-Wild Marriage is a roadmap through Ephesians 5:18-33, the Bible’s most dangerous passage on marriage. Steve helps you tackle thorny issues of marrage:

  • How a husband must really love his wife by entering her world
  • What is God’s purpose of sex and why God wants us to really enjoy it
  • Why a wife must learn to support and respect her husband
  • How mission focuses a husband and wife’s purpose
  • How to find God’s power and joy to create the atmosphere of you marriage
  • how to overcome darkness by fighting the demons seeking destruction of your marriage.

You are invited on this God-wild, dangerous journey – the journey of God’s design for marriage. Buckle up for the adventure of your life.