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Steve Holt
Pastor Teacher, The Road

steve-and-liz2Steve is a father of seven, a husband of one, and the founder and Pastor Teacher of The Road. He loves the outdoors in Colorado: hunting, fly fishing, taking prayer walks, hanging out around a roaring fire with some men, and coaching his son’s and daughters to love Jesus and enjoy life. He loves reading history, theology, and poetry. Steve has written a book on marriage, The God Wild Marriage.

Steve and Liz met in China smuggling Bibles, had their first date in Hong Kong, fell in love in Los Angeles, and were married in Tokyo. They have been married for twenty-nine years. Before starting The Road, Steve and Liz were missionaries in Japan for ten years, and came to Colorado Springs in 1994 to plant Mountain Springs Church. Steve resigned from MSC in 2014 and after forty nights of prayer, planted The Road, with a fresh vision and emphasis on building wholehearted disciples. (See also Our Story, Road Vision, and Road Values)

Steve has a Doctorate of Divinity (honoris causa) from Master’s Seminary and a Master of Arts in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of University of Georgia where he was a scholar athlete in gymnastics.

Pastor Steve’s blog can be found here at steveholtonline.org.

One thought on “About Steve Holt”

  1. I have been meaning to email you, and hope this is an ok way to do so. It has been a while since I saw American Sniper, but it struck some deep cords which I will touch on in as few words possible. Bear with me as I put this in a nutshell.

    First I love that you love guns, hunting, and are a patriot which are things near and dear to my heart…though I am not the most successful hunter if I were to admit it.

    My parents brought me and my three brothers up in a small Methodist church, and the community was close. However, one thing this church was missing, and most Methodist/other churches I have been to, lacked Bible immersion and a relationship focus. I always wonder if this affected my other two brother’s faith, lack of. My parents temporary separation, and eventual divorce in high school really through us all into a loop and made us doubt the legitimacy of marriage. I have also noticed that both of my parents, now divorced and with their “significant others” (whatever that means?), have kind of put their faith in the closet and compromised whatever relationship they have to just living life and the worldly “coexist” everyone hold hands mentality. In other words they acknowledge God/Jesus but do not seem confident that he is THE Truth and THE Way. I feel like part of this denial of claiming Jesus as Truth stems from the potential shame and lack of acceptance by their “significant others” (yep still hate that word).

    As for me I have had coaches and teacher stand by me, was in youth group, and felt a stronger pull in my heart for God rather than just hymns and a good Sunday morning feeling after service. I do miss family dinners though, pot roast etc. Anyways I digress. I have always been a patriot, felt a strong loyalty to my country…well that is true up until this presidency to be honest. Now I feel like we need the flag upside down, a sign of distress because that distress is tangible to those not ignorant enough to see how weary and corrupted she is. We live distracted by our lives, material things, advertisements, but if we lifted up the mat under the Statue of Liberty than we would convulse at the compromise and filth (I cant think of a word powerful enough here) that plagues our once great land.

    Plain and simple when I was young I burned to put on a uniform, and carried that on my sleeve in everything I did from sports to school. I even stayed clean in school focusing on grades, hunting, and video games (my generation is tempted by addicting video games..guilty here!). Perhaps I had too much faith and pride in knowing what my future held which was combat, special forces…period. Many people say “ya I always wanted to be in, or I was going to join,” but it is not true. For me, well this is where my story gets interesting.

    Maybe the Summer before my junior year in high school, my buddies and I very dumbly were playing paintball/bb-gun wars in the trees behind my house near the river than ran past our property. I covertly flanked my friends in a bunker and called them out on a “safe shot” which meant they were dead without me shooting them, hurting them at such close range. My crazy friend turned ignoring me, shot, the pellet bounced off a fallen tree, and dropped me like a rock as the projectile entered my left eye. Much blood and eye fluid (very sticky by the way) followed and shock set in. Fast forward a dramatic return of my parents, dad taking me to the hospital, surgery, I learned they had to take the eye. Horror set in like a heavy bag of feed being dropped to you from a great height, because I knew my passion/dream of being a soldier just changed.

    One crucial thing I need to point out is the barrage of questions following the accident. The officer asked if I wanted to press charges which was the first test in forgiveness, I said no. Surgery was not cheap but after all I knew he must have been ripped apart affecting my dreams, or in hindsight God through him, Godbless his heart, but we were all screwing around so it didn’t seem right. Anyways sitting at home with nothing to do except marinade in my fate takes a toll on the mind, crying hurt because of my eye which added to the torture. I felt a crossroads moment in my life, and I feel everyone does. It is so important to recognize these times in our lives, critical. My heart literally felt torn in half, one wanting anger, revenge, grudges. But a lighter tug told me to cry out for peace because for once, I felt completely helpless and vulnerable. The rush of peace that came over me when I cried out to God was…holy cow how do you explain that freedom. Because of this I found the love to forgive my friend and find courage to try and do life differently.

    Skipping forward 15ish years later I have had the privilege of going to Gunsmith school, and UNC where I met my wife Jackie. No amount of thanks would do for God saving me multiple tours of war, getting an education, finding my wife exactly where we both needed each other, and a deeper relationship with him…God blows my mind. Anyways I have had many jobs, and have been trying to find another reason to find that masculine heart which had previously been through pursuing the military. Not that Jesus isn’t the only reason to find that heart, but men like me and those who put themselves in danger need a calling in life that tests our courage.

    Do I have scars of many kinds now despite being saved war? Wish I could save otherwise. Am I more childlike than man-hearted? Some weeks ya if I am honest with myself, but I wanted to share my testimony should it mean anything to you or someone else’s journey. I salute Chris Kyle and love all that serve in uniform deeply.

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