steve-and-lizSteve Holt

Steve is a ragamuffin outlaw pastor with a passion for teaching God’s Word and building men into worshippers and warriors of Christ. Steve and Liz came to Colorado Springs in 1994, planted Mountain Springs Church in the basement of their home, and grew it to over three thousand worshippers. He resigned as Lead Pastor in March of 2014. Sensing a new direction, Steve and a group of friends banded together and sought God in prayer for forty nights. During this time the vision for “The Road less traveled” emerged out of God’s heart. Soon afterwards, Steve, Liz, and their fellow outlaws planted a new church, The Road.

Steve came to know Christ as a freshman athlete (gymnast) at the University of Georgia. After college, while smuggling Bibles into China, Steve met Liz. They had their first date in Hong Kong, fell in love in L.A., and married in Tokyo. They spent most of the next ten years in Japan on staff with Campus Crusade. After returning to the States, Steve graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an MA in Missiology. In 2012 Steve was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Masters Theological Seminary.

Steve and Liz have been married for twenty-nine years and have seven children ranging in age from twenty-six to nine. They love Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Steve’s heart comes alive when he is in the woods hiking, praying, hunting and fishing. In 2012, Steve published his first book The God-Wild Marriage.

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